• How do I install this application on my device?
  • Exe file will not install on my device. says "'SETUP' is not a valid Pocket PC application".

There are two ways to install the software for Windows mobile devices.  This depends on the installation file you received.  zip installation file is meant for installation from desktop computer.   cab file is meant for installation directly from device.

Install from desktop computer via ActiveSync:
zip file is a compressed file format and it needs to be extracted from desktop computer.  To install, please download the zip file to desktop computer.  Double click the file to extract it and run setup.exe to launch installation wizard.  For Pocket PC user, you will need to place your device in the cradle.  For Smartphone user, please connect your device to the computer using an USB data cable. Make sure ActiveSync is running.  If your computer cannot recognize zip file, you can download the extraction software from: for free. 

Install from device:
cab file also known as OTA (over-the-air) file, it is used for direct device installation and it can be run from your device.  To install, please download the installation cab file directly to your device.  Once the cab file is on your device, simply open the cab file will start installation automatically. 

* If you still have problems installing the software, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have purchased the correct version.  Most of our products have Pocket PC and Smartphone versions. Pocket PC has a touch screen.  An example of both versions for HandiTV is shown below. 

Pocket PC version

Smartphone version

2. If you purchased an incorrect version, please submit an exchange request to the retailer support desk.

3. If the issue is not resolved, please contact us at:


Where do I download Microsoft Compact Framework 2.0?

It can be downloaded from Microsoft at: (Installation via desktop computer)

or from us: (Installation directly on device)

Please download this file to your device directly. Open the file from your device to start installation.

Where do I download Trial versions?
At the moment, we don't offer trial versions for our products. 

If you have a Pocket PC, the basic requirements are:

Internet enabled Pocket PC with Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 operating system.  (Pocket PC 2002 device needs the latest Microsoft .NET compact framework to be installed).  

If you have a Smartphone, make sure it is running Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.

Device Streaming Compatibility

  • I cannot play ANY station?
  • I can play some stations, others are audio only, and some are black screen with choppy reception.

Verify device internet/streaming capability:

1. From your device, open Internet Explorer. Type: If yahoo page shows up, then device internet connection is fine.

2. Open Microsoft media site from your device:
Select a radio station and see if you can hear it.  Then select a video station with lo link and last, select a video station with hi link.   (low: low resolution. hi: hi resolution. )
See if you can watch any video stations.

3. A rule of thumb, streaming radio will need 33 - 64 kb/s connection speed, streaming video will need at least 150 kb/s connection speed.  Audio with no video, black screen and choppy reception are typically associated with slow internet connection, as streaming video needs to download much more data than audio.  

4. You can find out your device internet speed by typing this link in your device internet explorer address bar: 

TIP: How to boost connection speed:
From your device, open Windows Media (Media Player), select Options Menu, choose Network, then change Internet Connection Speed to the highest speed.


When I play a station, Media Player stays in buffering mode (0%), I cannot hear or watch any station, what do I do?

This might be related to your device internet settings. 

1. Perform a soft reset.
2. From your device, open Internet Explorer. Type: If yahoo page shows up, then device internet connection is fine.
3. Type the following in the address bar:
4. Media Player will be launched and you will hear streaming audio in a short while.

If this does not work, It's likely your device is using a proxy server and it is blocking streaming media. Please check the internet connection your device is using. (Under Settings of Pocket PC), and make sure you uncheck the box that says "The network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet."

How do I turn off Proxy server?

1. From Pocket PC, choose Settings, select "connections" tab, click "connections" icon.
2. Click "Advanced", and "Select Network" button. This will tell you what connection your device is using.
3. Click "Edit", then "Proxy Settings", make sure "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet" is UNCHECKED.
I select a station, hit play, the program crashes and I am back to the Home screen?

The application requires 2 MB program memory at run time. If you play a station, Media Player will need 4 MB, so a total of 6 MB program memory is required. To find out available memory on your device, select "Settings", choose "System" tab, then click "Memory" icon.  Please make sure you have at least 6 MB program memory.  This is different from physical memory.
I got this error message during installation "it is not intended for this device", what does it mean?

It is likely that you have purchased the wrong version. Most of applications have Pocket PC and Smartphone versions.  If you have a Pocket PC and purchased the Smartphone version and vice versa, you will receive this error message during installation.  Normally Pocket PC home screen has a vertical shortcut icon list, while Smartphone has a horizontal shortcut icon list at the top. Most Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition Devices have touch screen and stylus.  Please contact the reseller help desk and ask for an exchange.
I have a Pocket PC 2002 device, can I still use the application?  Application crashes when I launch it!!

If you have a device with old Windows Mobile operating system, you may need to install the latest Microsoft .NET compact framework from Microsoft at:

I got this error message during installation "it has not been digitally signed with a trusted certificate".

It's likely you are using a device that is locked.  A locked device will not allow third party unsigned software to be installed.  Please contact your device provider on how to de-cert your phone so it will allow unsigned software to be installed.
How can I find out my device internet speed?

From your device, open Internet explorer and type:

How do I add my stations in PocketStreamer?

If you have a PocketStreamer Pocket PC version, you can simply use your stylus and tap & hold on screen, select "Add favorite/from web" menu and type in the station media url, such as, hit ok, the station will be added to favorite list. 

If you have a PocketStreamer Smartphone version, simply select "Add favorite/from web" from menu and type in the station media url.
Customer Satisfaction and Refund

It has been our company policy to refund customers if our software does not work on their devices.   Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  Please feel free to contact us at: