Price: USD 4.95
   Current version: 1.5
   Release date: July 09, 2010
iPad Notes Desktop Companion:



Notes IPad Edition Help Guide

Set or modify password for secured notes.
Synchronize with notes on PC.
Change notes background.
Modify or delete selected category.
Add new category


Adding notes:

Before you add a note, please create a category first.  To create a category, click button on the bottom toolbar. 

You have option to designate the particular category to be a protected one or not. (The default password is: 123456)


Modify and Delete category

To modify or delete a category, please make sure you select it first.  The one with a "pin" icon on top is the selected category.  

Click on icon to modify and delete this category.


Change default password

Click on icon to modify and change default password.


Change notes background

Click on icon to change notes background.


Synchronize notes with PC

Notes iPad Edition has option to sync with notes on PC and in Microsoft Outlook over wirelessly over wifi.  It comes with a Notes PC companion which is sold separately.

To synchronize with PC, click on icon.

Before you continue, you need to launch Notes PC companion first and click sync button on its top toolbar.  This is a very important step.

Now click on "Next" button on your IPad Notes synchronization page and wait for iPad to find your PC IP address. 

Once it has located your PC IP address, click on the address and choose synchronization option.

Please remember, synchronization operation is always initiated from iPad, no matter which direction it goes.