Price: USD 16.95
   Current version: 1.5
   Release date: Feb 09, 2009
   Compatbility: Windows Mobile devices
  • Add personality to your contacts and give them their unique ringtones.
  • Need more distinction?  How about when a contact calls, your phone will literarily announce the contact's name?
  • To make it even better, when any of the family member, customers and co-workers calls, you will hear "family member calling", "customer is calling" or "call from work".
  • e-Mobile Voice Phone Tune will allow setting unique ringtones to self-defined contacts, contacts from address books and groups.
  • With e-Mobile Voice Phone Tune, you can add mp3, wav format ringtones to your devices and associate them with contacts.
  • With e-Mobile Voice Phone Tune, you can create you "own" ringtone by recording your own voice and associate it with contacts and groups.

  • Choose contact from device address books or create contact manually.

  • Select system ringtones or favorite music or sound (mp3, wav) you've placed on device.

  • Create you own ringtone by recording your own voice.  So you can associate "John Smith" with your pal John.



  • Choose group from device address books or create group manually.

  • You can place all your family member in a "family" group or customers in a "customer" group, so people in the same group will share the same ringtone.



  • Create your own recordings with ease.

  • At-a-glance view of recording list.  Create new, delete outdated recordings and preview recorded clips.



  • Windows mobile 5 and 6 Pocket PC.
  • Microsoft Compact Framework 2.0.  (free download from Microsoft or contact us.  See help document)