Price: USD 28.95
   Current version: 1.5
   Release date: Feb 09, 2010
   Compatbility: Windows Mobile  devices

Original $35.00, special Introductory offer ONLY $28.95 for A LIMITED TIME!



  • Vmbc TV provides video contents covering: Club Brazil, Cyber Golf, Gonzo Girlz, Xtreme.



  • Easily adding favorite station with click of a button.


Great Value

  • Great value and great savings:  HandiTV PLUS = HandiTV + HandiTV Entertainment pack + Vmbc.TV
        = + +

System Requirements
  • Internet enabled Smartphone with Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5, 6.
  • Smartphone must have broadband internet speed.  Recommend 200 kb/s. (Insufficient speed will result in choppy reception or audio with no video). Included TV stations require connection speed between 150 kbps - 500 kbps.
    Check support page at: http://www.e-mobilesoft.com to verify your device compatibility.

    Dash user need to check device internet speed first before purchase.
  • Channel line-ups are subject to change without notice.