Price: USD 19.95
   Current version: 1.5
   Release date: Feb 09, 2010
   Compatbility: Non Storm devices

  • Take charge of your busy life schedule.  Create a memo, set a reminder and let
    "e-Mobile Voice Memo" take care of the rest and get notified by trackball/LED color, buzzer, ringtones and your OWN voice.  You will never miss an important task anymore. 
  • Create a memo with single clicks and set it to alert you at time and date you desire.
  • Record your own voice and create a voice memo directly from your phone.
  • Choose alert by trackball/LED color, buzzer, ringtones and your own recordings.
  • Create a reminder to alert your friends for upcoming lunch appointment or use it as a simple wake up call.
  • Send your voice greetings to your friends anywhere in the world. 
  • Quick recording with a single press of button.


  • Manage your daily, weekly or monthly schedule by creating self-reminder.

  • Set reminder frequency either by day, day of week or specific date of the year.

  • Choose the type of alerts you want, such as quiet mode alert through color trackball or LED and buzzer or alert with specific ringtone or personal voice recording.

  • Get reminded repeatedly until you acknowledge so you will never miss an important task.



  • Create your recording easily and listen to your recording with a single press of button.  Adjust sound volume iphone style by swiping a finger through the trackball.



  • Set up a reminder for your friend and use it either as a simple wake up call or a kindly reminder.

  • Cannot be at your friends' party?  No problem, send your personal voice greeting and be "virtually" at the party.

  • Send to a contact you specify or directly from phone Address book.




  • Got no pen or have no time, simply press the "Quick Record" button and let it quickly capture your mental thoughts.