Price: USD 12.95
   Current version: 1.5
   Release date: Feb 09, 2010
   Compatbility: Non Storm devices
  • Never miss important phone calls YOU want to receive anymore. Set notifications by trackball/LED color, buzzer and ringtones.  When the special color flashes or ringtone rings, you will know who is calling or called.
  • Provides repeating alarms only on the new/missed calls you want to be alerted.  Cut down "phone spams".
  • Custom alerts based on individual phone numbers.
  • Easily tell who called or is calling by trackball/LED color or ringtones you have chosen.
  • Create custom rule based on area code and phone extensions
  • Direct access to missed call history.  
  • Custom alerts for normal or quiet mode.

  • Pick your favorite color and assign it to your family and friends.  You will never miss their calls again.  Just by looking at the special trackball/LED color or listening to the special ringtone, you will know who is calling or called.

  • Easy setup. Pick a color, and type in a number, it is that SIMPLE!

  • Browse through and listen to system ringtones at the same time.


  • Define your own rule on area code and phone extensions. Set personal color for friends & groups.


  • Access intercepted phone call history with a single click.


  • Easily set trackball/LED color flash frequency.
  • Choose different types of alerts suitable for different occasions (normal or quiet mode).